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It's Summertime, but Black Greeks' Letters Aren't on Vacation

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Summer time is fun time! For student leaders, summer can be nothing more than a bridge to the next academic year. For Black Greeks, however, the letters never sleep. Being conscious of your fraternity's or sorority's values while enjoying day parties, cookouts and the occasional lazy day can be somewhat of a drag (let's be real), but we chose Black Greek life. Have all that summertime fun, but let's keep things in perspective.

Pay attention at your national convention or other leadership conferences. The purpose of a convention is to address organization-wide topics of interest with the international body present in one space. Conventions are tremendous learning opportunities, especially for college members.

That being said, if you’re a delegate, you have a responsibility, particularly to your chapter, to use that time to learn. And, hey, I was an undergrad once; so I understand not wanting to sit in long, boring meetings. That, however, is when the important business of the fraternity or the sorority is conducted. Outside of meetings, use the time to network with other chapters to boost your chapter’s performance. Our organizations spend a lot of time and money to provide this valuable opportunity for our chapters. Use the time wisely. Oh, and there will be plenty of time to shop for para.

Check in with the chapter leadership. Consider scheduling occasional informal meetings to tighten up plans for fall events. Make your check-ins productive. Set goals and execute. Another benefit is it can keep chapter members who are separated from everyone else connected.

Be a servant leader. Not being is school doesn’t mean you have to take a break from service. Even if you decide to spontaneously participate in a community service project without your chapter members, wear your letters. Show the people you are serving that someone is always staying true to the servant leadership brand of the fraternity or sorority. An added benefit could be earning more respect (and hours) from your college or university.

Be mindful of your social media presence.

The Greek picnics are in full effect, but don't go full-on hot girl or hot boy summer on us. Even without letters, you represent something bigger than yourself. Not only does that apply to your fraternity or sorority, it also applies to being a Black Greek overall.

Updated from "Summertime: Upholding Your Fraternity or Sorority's Chapter's Brand," published June 4, 2015 on


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