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Is there a disconnect between your chapter executive board and other chapter members? Are you and your chapter brothers and sorors struggling to connect even though there are fewer than 10 of you?

Followership to Leadership: The Black Greek Success Program helps chapter members strengthen their relationships internally and across campus. Leveraging leadership theory plus follower and team development models, your chapter and fellow Black Greeks (Divine Nine and beyond) will learn:


  • How the leader-follower relationship works. Delve into the dynamics of this critical relationship, exploring followership and how it is impacted by leadership.

  • The “Five Follower Types.” Understand the diverse personalities in your chapter, from the enthusiastic go-getters to the quiet contributors.

  • How to navigate group dynamics. Using the popular “Gumbo Theory” framework, explore how the follower types mix and navigate differences while also learning the process of forming and maintaining a team.

BGSP doesn't talk "at" students. It inspires interaction and critical thinking with:

  • 25-30 minutes of high-energy, interactive presentation time.

  • 15-20 minutes of classroom Q&A or discussion centered on leadership and followership tips and insights.

We encourage those who are interested in joining Black Greek Letter Organizations to attend the Black Greek Success Program.

BGSP can be delivered on campus or virtually.


Member, Delta Sigma Theta,
University of Texas at Arlington 

"I love the fact that (Eddie) was a job recruiter. I think the advice that he provided us was valuable and credible. Most importantly, I'm glad that (our NPHC) came together to think of ideas to progress in the future.

Former NPHC President,
Loyola University New Orleans 

"Eddie Francis combines humor with real life stories that we can all relate to. He offers hope and pride for the future while delivering powerful messages of our personal responsibilities as being Greeks.

Member, Sigma Gamma Rho, 
University of Texas at Arlington

“(Eddie) was very interactive with the audience. He kept us engaged and really touched on a lot of meaningful topics.


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