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The Black Greek Success Program: Back for Spring 2021

The Black Greek Success Program will be available virtually and free to NPHC college chapters and other Divine Nine college chapters in the spring semester of 2021! BGSP is a program that helps Divine Nine college members enhance their leadership skills by focusing on the skills they are currently learning in Greek life even in this virtual world!

BGSP's goal is simple--to empower D9 members to contribute to their respective campuses and create post-graduate opportunities for themselves. The program helps college members understand that becoming stronger servant leaders is a way of speaking truth to power while setting them up for success after college.

The lights come on for students at a few points during the presentation:

When they hear stories of my college shenanigans.

When I explain the very well-received "Gumbo Theory" of team dynamics.

When I explain how the dimensions of followership can make them effective leaders.

When we interactively break down why servant leadership matters.

Why is this thing free?

  1. BGSP is a program of the Purposeful Philanthropy Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by my wife and Zeta Phi Beta member Dr. Halima Leak Francis.

  2. I love Black Greek life! My career and relationships have been rich and fulfilling since I became a Black Greek in 1989.

  3. As a former campus advisor for my fraternity, I feel passionately that our college members need to understand the dynamics of leadership in order to become more effective contributors to their respective fraternities, sororities and campuses.

Here's the best part. I will speak to a D9 group no matter how small they are. Hey, I was initiated into a small Black Greek community (three D9 chapters at the time) and it really hacked me off when we were denied opportunities to hear from our own because we were simply overlooked.

Let's make it happen, cap'n! Contact me today at or 504.233.8031 to reserve your Spring '21 date!


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